Director's Report - January 10, 2017

Mathews Memorial Library
Bette Dillehay, Director
January 10, 2017

This report is intended to provide the Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees with a report of activities during the period November 8, 2016- January 10, 2017

Financial Report
Current Reporting Period
The current financial report is a statement of resources and expenses for a two-month period ending December 31st, 2016. Operational expenses for the bi-monthly period totaled $10,777.65. Year-to-date expenses totaled $44,524.86, or 38.1%% of budget (not including grants/donations), and reflect an 18.05% decrease over the previous fiscal year total. Current unencumbered funds total $76,162.90, including funding of $6,212.60 in line item 3001 (C4K grant).

Salaries and related expenses as of December 27th totaled $119,119.50, an average of $19,853.16 per month. The total amount budgeted for salaries and related benefits for FY2016-2017 is $248,951 or roughly $20,750 per month. We continue slightly under budget for these expenses.

Patron Update
The current number of patrons is 11,571, an increase of 8 patrons over the previous report period and a 2.88% increase over the previous year. The average number of patrons and others visiting the library daily during the report period was 186.

Computer Training
The County Administrator completed its two-day basic computer training program offered to county employees. Two classes were offered with participation less than anticipated. The initial class was held November 3rd and 4th with a second session taking place on November 17-18. The classes were taught by Greg Lewis with assistance from Becky Barnhardt.

On Thursday, November 17th, the library sponsored a bus trip to the Virginia Historical Society to view the exhibit, “The Private Jefferson.” Forty-one participants, ten students and one teacher accompanied three staff members on the trip, which included lunch at the VMFA and a guided tour of the exhibit. The event was deemed a success.

November 27th marked the beginning of the holiday season at the library with the hosting of Deck the Halls. Several associated events took place including storytime with Santa Thursday, December 6th, a youth art exhibit in coordination with the Bay School and a program featuring a presentation by the Richmond Times Dispatch food editor, Clare Osdene Schapiro, on Wednesday, December 14th. The outcome of the latter event will be the publication of favorite recipes collected during the holiday. Attendance at the events reached a new high of 211.