Planning A Visit

Before Your Library Visit ...
Here are some quick tips to maximize your time at the Mathews Memorial Library:
  • Fill out an Ancestral Chart with names, dates & places. Start with yourself (no. 1). If you don't know exact dates estimate them.
  • Gather more information from family members and relatives.
  • Fill in a Family Group Record with information from your Ancestral Chart, and include additionial information with sources.
  • Choose an Ancestral Line from your Ancestral Chart that you would like to know more about.
  • Identify questions you want to answer about your ancestor, and create a Research Log.
  • Select one or two questions as an objective. In general, find out about the ancestor's death before the marriage and the marriage before the birth.
  • Verify what you know, and then use it to look for what you don't know.


Mathews Memorial Library's Online Catalog

  • Search the Library's Online Catalog for books, genealogies, documents, manuscripts, photographs, etc. before your visit.
  • Make a list of the materials that are likely to contain the answers to your questions. Be sure to include title, call number and location. 


While at the Mathews Memorial Library

  • Bring any information you have that relates to the people or questions you are researching.
  • Bring your laptop, flash drive and/or hand-held scanner.
  • Visit with our Historian/Genealogist, she can create a research strategy to help you find the information you want to learn.