Print, Scan and FAX Services


The library offers printing services including copying of documents and printing from library computers for the public.  Both black and white and color printing is available on the following paper sizes:

All printouts:
15¢ per page black & white
30¢ per page color
  • Print limit is 25 per page.  If you need to copy more, you may bring your own paper.  All copies are the same price regardless of the number of copies.
  • Copying on color paper is available upon request.  The charge is 30¢ per page.  
  • For color copying of documents, ask for staff assistance.
  • By default, computer printouts are black and white.  Patrons may choose to print in color from within the print dialog box.
  • Keep track of the number of copies.  You pay at the circulation desk when you're done.
  • Printing directly from patron-owned equipment including laptops or mobile devices is not permitted.  You may save your document on a flash drive or send it to an email account in order to print it from a library computer.


You may scan black & white or color documents or photos on a scanner located in the library's Chesapeake Room or on the Xerox multi-function copier located near the front entrance. Scanned files are generally saved as 300 dpi PDFs.

Scanning of shorter-length documents is permitted with staff assistance on the Xerox machine. Scanned documents may be saved to a flash drive or emailed directly from the Xerox.  This machine will handle all document sizes up to 11" x 17".

Do-It-Yourself scanning of a larger quantity of documents, particularly historical documents, is best suited using the scanner located in the Chesapeake Room.  Paperport software can be used to scan, edit and save documents to a flash drive or CD-ROM.  This scanner will handle paper sizes up to 8-1/2" x  14".

All scans:
15¢ per page black & white or color
Normal printing charges incurred for printing of scanned documents.






Local and long-distance FAX services are available at the adult circulation desk.  A cover sheet is provided free-of-charge.

To send a FAX:   1st page--$4 | additional pages--$1 each 

To receive a FAX:  all pages--15¢ each





The library's public FAX number is (804)725-7668.