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americas newsWith unmatched U.S. news content from local, regional, and national sources, America's News is the largest of its kind. Its diverse source types include printed and online newspapers, blogs, journals, newswires, broadcast transcripts and videos. Explore a specific issue or event through the detailed coverage provided by local reporting or compare a wide variety of viewpoints from across the country on topics such as politics, government, business, the environment, health, sports, literature, the arts, cultural activities and people.

Also includes Current Event hot topics and Special Reports for homework and research assignments. Add a new perspective to the issues in the news!


Daily Press  ( Full-text coverage since 1989)

Richmond Times-Dispatch  (Full-text coverage since 1985)

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Key Features

  • Full-text coverage of the Daily Press since 1989
  • Full-text coverage of the Richmond Times Dispatch since 1985
  • Full-text coverage of the Virginian Pilot since 1990
  • Includes news from 40 additional outlets across the state of Vitginia.
  • Includes the full text of 100s of national newspapers including major metro papers such as the LA Times and USA Today.
  • Browse popular news magazines including Newsweek, The Atlantic and Science News.