July Program

Week4Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 26

Nature's Riddle!

Our quest this week is to find the magic that Mother Nature provides. It is found in many of her creatures who are equipped with special tools for survival, from the green and black poison dart frog to a porcupine to a polar bear. Creatures of the sea also share the secrets of survival. Today we are especially lucky to welcome a naturalist, who will share with us some of the secrets he has learned about the riddles of survival. Join us for a fascinating search for magic in nature.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 27

How Much Does A Ladybug Weigh?

There is magic in learning about the whimsical world of wild life. These creatures, very small and very large, can share ways to have fun along the way to learning more about them. Jump right in and join our safari while we search for fun ways to discover the secrets of critters.

Creative Activities – Thursday, July 28

Who Are You Calling Strange?

Today is your chance to challenge nature in creating unusual tools of survival. The result will be your version of a creature chosen for you that you will equip to survive in a future world that may be quite different from the present. For example, how would you equip a squirrel to live in a desert with no trees or a crab with no marsh grass in which to hide. Your solutions will be shared and discussed.

Discovery Day – Friday, July 29

Now What's Your Question?

We’ll wind up our fun-filled month by travelling to Virginia Beach to the Virginia Aquarium to experience nature up close on an aquatic journey from the shore to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. This exciting day will include visiting the new Adventure Park, which is equipped with tree platforms and fun challenge bridges on an aerial trail.


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Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 19Week3

Tuneful Topics

An orchestra is a lot of musical instruments of all different types – horns, violins, drums and more. It can make a shocking noise without someone called a conductor who, with something called a baton, makes certain they play well together. Nina Busby plays in an orchestra, and today Ms. Busby will share with us the secrets of making music and not noise. Listen carefully and you can become a part of the magic of music.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 20

The Orchestra, The Orchestra

Plink, plunk, bang, honk! That doesn’t sound like music but -Sh-h-h  - let’s listen as the conductor helps the musicians make the journey from sound to song. You can hear all the different sounds their instruments make. Music is magic – you can even sing along. Let’s Try!

Creative Activities – Thursday, July 21

Hit It Maestro

We’re in for a treat today as a trio from the Virginia Symphony will be here to play for us. You will be amazed at how well they sound together. What’s it like to really hear someone play a violin and how does a violin sound different than a viola? You can ask this and other questions after the concert played just for us.

Discovery Day – Friday, July 22

Notes Afloat

Many things come to mind when one thinks of Centenary Church in the center of Richmond. We will travel there to hear and learn how an organ with many, many pipes sounds beautiful but also creates the sounds of other instruments such as flutes, horns, string instruments and others. The organist, Stan Baker, will demonstrate how he uses his feet as well as his hands to capture the magic of these pipes. Our adventure will continue with a trip to Libby Hill Park for lunch before returning to Mathews.


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Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 12Week2

Write This Way

Have you ever thought about writing a story? Today is your chance to learn just how it is done. Janet Stoeke, an author who writes stories you might read, will visit us and help you learn to be a storyteller. Starting with a character that you choose, she will show the many steps to telling your very own story. Creating a story is not only possible but great fun. Don’t miss this chance to learn how.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 13

Don't Forget to Write

A story is waiting to be told. It could be yours. After you get the words, then you have the story. You can choose to tell your story in words or even pictures, but be sure to share with everyone for that’s what stories are all about.

Creative Activities – Thursday, July 14

Pulling Strings!

Today you will not be called a storyteller – you will be a playwright – a person who writes plays. A play is another way to tell a story. The way you will tell a story is through puppets which you will select and for whom you will write their words, or in playwright terms – their dialogue. Everyone will get a chance to be a part of this very exciting adventure which starts with an idea and ends with a show.


Discovery Day – Friday, July 15

Curtain Call

It easy to capture magic in the theater. It’s a place where magic happens when the curtain rises and the actors tell a story through words or even dancing or singing. Our treat will be to see this in action as we visit a theatre and learn what makes it such a magical place.


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Week1Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 5

But Is It Art?

You probably think of art as being a picture filled with color, possibly a scene or a person. But, have you seen a picture that tells a story with few or no words and yet you knew what it was meant to be? Artists who do this are often called cartoonists. Art Miller, a cartoonist who lives in Mathews, creates pictures that you can see almost each week in the newspaper. Along with drawing his “pictures,” today, Mr. Miller will tell us about the stories he has “drawn” and how he decides what story to tell.


Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 6

More Than Words

Picture books are fun to read but can you look at the pictures and tell the story? Did you know that there are artists called illustrators who tell stories just with pictures? Some of them are very famous, and you will surely recognize their pictures.


Creative Activities – Thursday, July 7

Art Matters

The first question a cartoonist asks is “What story do I want to tell?” Today, you get to be a cartoonist. What story would you like to tell? Let’s use cartoons that you draw to tell stories that you choose. While they may not be in the newspaper, they will be on display in the library for everyone to see.


Discovery Day – Friday, July 8

Inspiring Views

Finding a cartoon in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts may be quite a challenge, but let’s take a trip to Richmond and visit the Museum to look for them. You’ll see lots of art and have a good time exploring the many rooms that are filled with pictures.


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