This Is Us

logoA Summer Youth Program in July!

You live in a very special place. It is called Mathews. Can you find it on a map? Actually, you live in many places – all at the same time. They can be described in various ways from your home address to your county, to your state, to your country and to the world. The world is made of water and land which are called features. Mathews was formed in part by a very exciting event which gave it rather special features. We believe it is a very special place and our family, friends and neighbors are very special people. This summer we’ll learn about them but also about people who lived here a long, long time ago and what made them choose this place to call home.

Join us any time during the month for fun, discovery and new experiences as we explore our community and its place in the world. The theme for this year’s program, “This is Us” will help us understand and appreciate the many wonders that can be found in Mathews.



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July Program Opening Day - Tuesday, July 11th

Sponsored by Friends of Mathews Memorial Library

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