tech stew - A series of 1 day classes

tech stew

Mathews Memorial Library is offering techstew, an opportunity for those adults who wish to feel more comfortable in today's digital environment. In order to understand and appreciate the "otherworldliness" of the rapidly expanding electronic universe, it helps to learn the language being spoken. Through this series of workshops, the Library hopes to familiarize interested individuals with the sometimes bewildering language and techniques spoken and used in the techno sphere.
A Look At Social Networks
The workshop examines the various formats of social media and their impact on the ways in which we communicate. Participants will learn the basics of setting up a Facebook account, why privacy is important and various methods for enhancing your Facebook experience.
Web-based Email
This session begins by reviewing the basics of using web-based email services. Participants will obtain a Yahoo email address and explore using it. They will learn about filters, sending attachments and much more.
Internet Safety
This workshop provides a basic understanding of Internet safety, how to deal with spam, viruses, spyware and other malware and how to prevent identity theft. The session also includes information on sate online shopping.
Cloud Computing
This workshop provides an overview of remote storage solutions and access to online computer services and solutions. Participants will learn to use Google Drive and Google apps.
Information and Reference on the Web
The Web presents information from diverse sources in a multitude of formats, including text, sounds and images. Because so much information is available and because that information can appear to be fairly "anonymous", it is necessary to develop skills to evaluate what you find. This session will assist the user in finding and evaluating web-based information. Workshop leaders will also provide tools for understanding and comparing search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
E-Commerce -- A Look at eBay and Paypal
Online auctions, such as eBay, match buyers with sellers in a global marketplace for almost any item. Workshop leaders will guide the participant through the eBay bidding and buying process, and identify tips for successfully completing a transaction using the companion tool, PayPal. Participants will also be introduced to the first steps of the selling process and the steps you need to effectively market an auction item and complete a sales transaction.

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