Director's Report - May 9, 2017

Mathews Memorial Library
Bette Dillehay, Director
May 9, 2017

This report is intended to provide the Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees with a report of activities during the period March 14 – May 9, 2017.

Financial Report
Current Reporting Period
The current financial report is a statement of resources and expenses for a two-month period ending May 1, 2017. Operational expenses for the bi-monthly period totaled $9,484.56. Year-to-date expenses totaled $74,626.85, or 63.9% of budget (not including grants/donations), and reflect an 5.44% increase over the previous fiscal year total. Current unencumbered funds total $48,924.67, including funding of $6,212.60 in line item 3001 (C4K grant).

The library received a donation of $390.00 from Dr. and Mrs. Arthur H Jennette through a donor-advised component fund of the Mathews Community Foundation.

Salaries and related expenses
As of May 1, 2017, expenses totaled $196,731.84, an average of $19,673.15 per month. The total amount budgeted for salaries and related benefits for FY2016-2017 is $248,951 or roughly $20,750 per month. The remaining amount budgeted for this category is $52,219, more than a sufficient amount to cover the two remaining months in the current fiscal year.

The proposed budget submitted in January 2017 proposed $366,779 in funding for FY2017-18. The budget approved by the Board of Supervisors is $375,032. The increase of $8,253 reflects an across-the-board 2% increase for full-time employees. There were no cuts in any library line items.

Patron Update
The current number of patrons is 11,678, an increase of 26 patrons over the previous report period and a .92% increase over the previous year. The average number of patrons and others visiting the library daily during the report period was 188.

Several significant changes occurred in the staff complement during the report period. Rachel Wood, head youth services, submitted her resignation as a result of moving out of the area. Maude Donovan, previously a part-time staff member in the youth services area, was selected to fill the position as a full-time staff member at an annual salary of $16,000. Ms. Wood’s annual salary was $20,000 at the time of her departure. Nicole Hirtenstein who previously worked six hours a week as a weekend staff member, was assigned to fill Maude’s position, working 29 hours a week. Lastly, a new staff member Kurt Hugo has been hired to replace Nicole’s weekend position. These changes result in an overall annual savings of $4,000 in salaries, not counting benefits.

Computer Training
Three Tech Tuesday workshops were conducted during April and early May. Each attracted a registration of 25-35 participants. A number who were previously not library patrons obtained that status and were full of praise for the work done by staff members, Greg Lewis and Diane Riley. A Basic Computer Skills workshop is scheduled to be held June 5-8.

Collection Development
The collection inventory effort was recently completed in which over 1,000 items identified as missing. A review is underway to determine which of the titles should be replaced. The library collection currently totals approximately 46,049 items.

Visit from Middlesex
On Monday, April 15, a contingent from the Middlesex library toured the Mathews Memorial Library to gain insight into our operations and activities. The group included board members and the director of the library. A follow-up note offered praise for the library and appreciation for the hospitality shown to the visitors

The library held a number of programs during the report period, two of which were rated by staff and attendees as outstanding. A moving program was held on April 6th commemorating the 100th anniversary of the entry of the United States into World War I. Attended by approximately 40 people, the program included participation by American Legion Post 83, The Honorable John White, Board of Trustee chair, Captain William Story, U. S. Navy, Retired and board member, Colonel Stephen E. Wilson, U. S. Army, Retired and The Reverend Gary J. Barker, Rector, Kingston Parish Episcopal Church. The event also recognized and revisited the role of the War in the establishment of the library which was dedicated as a memorial to those men of Mathews who lost their lives in the War.

The library sponsored the 11th annual fantasy trip on April 12th when 47 young people between the ages of 6 and 14 traveled to Germany accompanied by tour guide and former library staff member, Carol McCormack. It was deemed a great success as evidenced by feedback, both from travelers and their parents.

As we move into summer, the staff is focusing on a number of activities, but most importantly our resources are presently primarily directed toward the youth summer program, “This Is Us.” The intent is to instill in young attendees a sense of place and what it means to be a citizen of Mathews. The Soothin’ Summer Sounds series, “On A High Note,” is booked with events in June (Plunky and the Oneness), July (Art Muroff). We are awaiting confirmation from the Virginia symphony Ambrosia Quartet for an August concert.