Board of Trustees Minutes - March 11, 2014

MARCH 11, 2014

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Will Story, vice chair, at 5 PM.
ATTENDING: Jo Anna Brown, Doreen Folzenlogen, and Charles Ingram. Also present were Bette Dillehay, Library Director, and Maree Morgan, President of The Friends of the Library.
MINUTES: for February 11 were approved as written.
• Operational expenses for the report period were higher than the previous YTD because of $12,000 spent for computers and associated electronics for the new wing, but still within budget.
• The grant request to the Mathews County Community Foundation would help pay for the bus which will bring teens after school to the library, and then pick them up at 4:30 to take them home.
• Although Mathews County is not included in Bob Brown's and Bill Lohmann's book "Back Roads- People, Places and Pie Around Virginia," it will be covered in their new book, which they are now writing.
• There may be a limit on the number of tickets the library can get for the Maya Angelou program.
• The new wing was opened to patrons on March 7th.
• They will be closing out with Loughridge in another month or so.
• Will Story expressed concern about operating instructions for the new equipment. Maree said that Jamie Wilks has all the manuals.
• Steve Whiteway will be working with John Machen to provide plantings for the courtyard.
• After determining final costs for the project, the lighting and grid for the green wall will be addressed.
Changes to Board of Trustees By-Laws
• Article IV, A: delete "and an Assistant Secretary";
• Article IV, B: delete words "The Assistant Secretary shall act as Secretary in his/her absence, and handle all general correspondence of the Board of Trustees";
• Article V, B: add period after "B";
• Article V, D: delete "Establish," and capitalize "support";
• Article VI, B: change the number of members to form a quorum from "three" to "four."
A motion was made to approve the changes to the Board of Trustees By-Laws. The motion was seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve.
Library Policies Review
• Some rewording may be needed under "Internet Access Use Policy" to include the new Teen Territory.
• "Cooke Conference Center Policy": guidelines for the meeting room in the new wing may be needed as well.
H. Bland Hudgins Move
• Greg Lewis has installed computers in the adult area; patrons can use either area. He is working on software for people using laptops or other devices to sign in without going to the desk.
• The move to the "Teen Territory" was accomplished in one day with help from Boys and Girls Club members, who formed a "bucket brigade" to transfer books from the youth wing to the new section. This required rearrangement of the youth wing; the transformation was done by Diane and Mike in one day, at no cost to the library.
• The next step is moving periodicals to the new computer section, and removing seldom used audio tapes to storage.
• Moving staff to their new quarters will require some expense.
Collection Development Overview: attached
ADJOURNMENT: the meeting was adjourned at 6:10 PM.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2014, at 5 PM.
Submitted by JoAnna Brown