Board of Trustees Minutes - September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Will Story, Vice-Chairperson, at 5:03 pm.
ATTENDING: Jo Anna Brown, Doreen Folzenlogen, Charles Ingram, Will Story, Mary Sampson, and Steve Wilson. Also present were Bette Dillehay, Library Director, and Maree Morgan, President of the Friends of the Library.
MINUTES: A motion was made to approve the minutes of the August 12, 2014 board meeting. The motion was seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve.
PRESENTATION: Margaret M. Nost, Regional Director, Mathews Community Foundation (MCF), updated the board on MML Endowment Fund status. Report dated 09/03/2014 and MCF 2013 Annual Report are attached. During the period 2006-2014, 62 gifts totaling $56,876 and 6 grants totaling $3819 were made to the fund. The fund is used primarily to support staff training. Annual spending rate of the fund is 4.25%: 1% to the Community Foundation and 3.25% to support MML. Current fund balance is $72, 446 with $1,961 available for MML support. The Friends of the Library (FOL) does not have an endowment. The MCF has another fund—the Norma W. von Brock Library Fund—to support MML staff training and capital expenditures. These MCF endowments are unique for a library.
• Financial Report. Operating expenditures report as of 9/9/2014 is attached.
o Operational expenses for the report period totaled $10,514.15. Current year-to-date expenses total $11,858.73, an 11.2% decrease over the previous year-to-date. Included is the annual subscription fee for the library's ILS (integrated library service) of $6,598.00. Books and Subscriptions expenditures are 57.3% less than in FY 2013-14 due to the transfer of the foregoing charge for the ILS system, which last year cost $3,250.00. The increase in the cost of this service for FY 2014-15 reflects the addition of new digitization services to the contract.
o Unencumbered funds, not including salaries and related benefits) total $88,620.35, of which $86,191.27 are approved budget funds and $2,429.08 in Grants/Donations.
o Through August 26, 2014 (which includes September payments), salaries and related benefits totaled $41,500.26. The budgeted amount for FY 2014-2015 is $255,556.00, a slight change over the previous fiscal year, including salary increases of 2% for full and part-time staff, which was offset by a $3,190 reduction in the hospital/medical plan line item. Unencumbered funds total $214,055.74. The hourly wage for part-time staff averages $9.46.
• Facilities Update. Approximately 80% of the project of re-assigning and/or reusing space in the library following the move to the new facility has been completed. Technical staff members are now located in the assigned area and materials, including fiction and mystery, audio and periodicals are relocated. Relocation of archival staff to the former technical staff space located on the second floor is planned in the next several weeks. Non-fiction materials will be re-arranged once additional shelving is delivered. Movement of all furnishings and equipment, including the youth area, was funded through the 2013 re-appropriated funds of $20,000. The funds also covered the acquisition of adult computers located in the new wing.
• Patron Update. The August activity report is attached.
o With 35 new patrons added, the total number of patrons is 10,743. Along with visitors, they made 6,987 visits to the library. Circulation was active with 74 reserves placed on titles; however the number of overdue items dropped by 27.27%.
o Circulation continues to show positive growth in Teen Territory, possibly reflecting the existence of the new center and the more appealing arrangement of the collection.
o Soothin' Summer Sounds. The program was rated a huge success by the more than 90 people who attended. The 4 p.m. program featured the Ambrosia Quartet, made up of members of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra. The Soothin Summer Sounds for FY 2015 will be "A Trip Down Memory Lane." An opportunity to vote for favorite previous programs has been placed in the library.
• 2014 Mathews Market Days. Space was provided for the quilt exhibit sponsored by Bay Quilters. More than 100 teens visited the library during the two-day event. The opportunity was used to survey such a large sampling of teens with the returns showing that, overall, the space is quite popular. The prohibition of snacking in Teen Territory is the most frequently voiced concern. We are continuing to survey and analyze the results. YouTube access is now blocked because of availability of inappropriate material after one teen was banned from the library for refusing three times to answer a staff member's question regarding his misuse of the Internet.
• Programs.
o Dictionary Day. Third grade students at Lee Jackson School will be presented with new dictionaries by the library on September 11th at 8:30 a.m.
o Pumpkins on Parade. The library proposes to work with Mathews Main Street to sponsor the second annual Halloween event, planned for Friday, October 31st from 3 to 5 p.m. The afternoon event will include a pumpkin carving contest, a trick/treat parade on Main Street, followed by a party at the library.
o Computer Workshops. A workshop on digital photography is to be held in October. Efforts are also underway to identify resource personnel who can conduct a session in "Social Networking - A 21st Century Business Tool." If successful, members of the Mathews business community will be invited to attend a luncheon similar to one held several months ago.
• Statistics of Note. Statistics in 33 categories for MML and 16 other libraries or library system are attached. MML's Total Circulation and Circulation Per Cap statistics are below average/median; however, the statistics do not reflect the weekly FOL book sales (that provide funding to support MML activities).
• National Friends of the Library Week is October 19-26. FOL, Mathews County Historical Society, and MCVIC will host a reception on October 23rd at 4:00 p.m. in the courtyard.
• The Friends are hosting the film "The Book Thief" for the Fil Society on October 30th.
• JoAnn Mulvaney is replacing Bronwyn Hughes, CPA on the FOL Board.
OLD BUSINESS: $70 to purchase the brick to honor Ann Rawn Cooke has been collected.
NEW BUSINESS: Board discussed and decided not to accept proposal offered by Mr. Sam Forrest to display a piece of his custom furniture for sale in the library.
ADJOURNMENT: the meeting was adjourned at 6:03 pm.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for October 14, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.
Submitted by Stephen Wilson, Secretary
Attachments to the official record as stated