In July 2007, the Board of Trustees of the Mathews Memorial Library approved guidelines for providing scholarships to Mathews residents interested in pursuing a career in library and information science. The goal of the program is to ensure professional excellence and to encourage qualified personnel to serve in positions in the Mathews Memorial Library.

Funding for the fellowship program is available as part of the library endowment established with the Mathews County Community Fund, following receipt of an award of $10,000 for being selected as the best rural library in the U.S. in 2005. The endowment has grown to over $40,000 through several grants from the William F. & Catherine K. Owens Foundation Board and donations received from numerous library supporters in the community. Supplemental funding is also being provided by the Friends of the Mathews Memorial Library.

To qualify for a scholarship, an individual must be:

  • A resident of Mathews County, Virginia,
  • A graduate of a public or private secondary school
  • Accepted by an American Library Association accredited graduate school of library or information science or accredited paraprofessional program leading to certification or a degree in information science or related field.

The program is to be administered by a committee appointed by the Board of Trustees who will recommend applicants to the Board for approval to receive a scholarship. Amounts to be awarded will be set annually by the Board.

For more information see the official qualification guidelines approved by the library Board of Trustees.  Additional details about the fellowship program can by obtained by calling the Library at (804)725-5747.