"Gifts from Nature"

A series of collages by Emma Lou Martin


H. Bland Hudgins Wing
You are invited to view this interesting mix of art and science on display in the library's new adult reading and computer room.



Since becoming intrigued by the world of nature as a child, I have come full circle, returning to my roots inusing the inspiration of beauty around us to create art. As a teenager, I spent several years collecting insects and illustrating their life cycles. This collection won prizes in science fairs around the state. Now, instead of painting the fascinating variety of patterns found in insects, floral parts and pieces as well as feathers, skins and nests, I have used the real thing: I have mounted them on a variety of handmade papers from elephant dung paper from Africa to thistle and other plant fibers...more gifts from nature! I invite you to look more closely at the beauty found in our natural world. Enjoy and appreciate the details you find, and let your own creative spirit be inspired by these gifts.